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Inspired by the Peacock's importance in Persian history, the Pride of Peacocks Playing Cards by Arcadia Playing Cards is a custom deck fit for emperors. The tuck box is printed with gold foil and depicts intricate details based on Persian art and ornaments.

The peacock-coloured card backs create eye-popping flourishes, perfect for magicians and cardists. At the same time, every aspect of Pride of Peacocks Playing Cards is custom made and only 1,000 decks were made, making it a highly collectible deck.

The deck includes one blank face card and one double backer, allowing you to perform unique, mind-blowing card tricks.

Printed by Cartamundi on their infamous True Linen B9 Finish.
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The sun is warming your arms while you sip black tea from your glass, and sand dancing at your feet while the smell of frankincense wafts past your nose.
These cards bring a very middle eastern vibe. Beautiful art works and delicate lines and perfect colours on the face and number cards to match. The face cards have interesting expressions where you just wish they could come to life and tell you the stories of their travels. I super duper love this deck! I love the look, i love the feel, i love the design.

The only draw back i have with these is the unprinted white on the inside of the tuck box. It was a bit of a let down considering how glamorous these cards are.

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