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Love these!

Really nice quality deck, quite obviously designed with cardistry in mind. These cards feel great and look amazing. There’s a very deliberate urban vibe to the deck that I love. I do wish they’d put a bit more into the tuck, but I can’t complain about that because the cards themselves are perfect. Highly recommended for any cardist or collector!

Really nice deck, the gold looks great in the court cards and fans!

Fifty Two
Birthday pressy

My husband that I bought the cards for was very impressed with the quality of the material use in these cards and the 52 print as this the year he was born. Thanks

Amazing! Fast delivery and cards handle great. 10/10 would buy again.

Mystery Decks

100% worth it. Got 2 decks that were both worth way more than the $17ish I paid for them. Amazing customer service and super quick delivery too

Skid Row
Nice cards but arrived damaged

Cards are great, highly recommend purchasing as custom deck very unique. Unfortunately the shipping took over a week despite also being in Perth, and the cards arrived with a damaged box that was crinkled and bent (looked as though damaged prior to shipping). Disappointing.

Hey Mia,

I am sorry to hear that. Orders being shipped through our economy service during peak periods can sometimes experience longer wait times than usual.

However, please send an email to so we can arrange for a replacement package to be sent via our Premium Express Service.

David - CardCutz Support

First dive into mystery decks

I was pleasantly surprised that the total of the shipment surpassed the total vaule in the mystery decks which I got sent, the whole unboxing experience was fulfilling and the customer card was a nice touch too, highly recommended and for sure it won't be my last purchase, shipping of the parcel was smooth and was well packaged, nothing but high praise

My go-to deck sleeve

I do love my playing cards collection so it's my go-to deck sleeve. It can also fit TWPCC.

Fantastic Design

This is an absolutely amazing deck I've ever had. The colour combination is not only sophisticated but also edgy. I’m in love with the cards and would love to buy more of this design!

My Love
Awesome, must have!

The face of the cards are so special! And they feel premo! The handling feels similar to Anyone worldwide cards. Great quality

Purpke Monarch's Rock

I've always loved the Monarch cards and the new Purple Edition is smart and stylish and highly recommend them. CardCutz as always was brilliant.

Same same but different

I bought these to experience the B9 finish from cartmundi and the size difference, right away you can feel that it doesnt feel quite like a full deck. Stacking up next to a new deck of bicycles it appears to be about 2 to 3 cards difference. ( havent got a caliper to slam down some science tho) as a starting out cardist with small hands i feel these will be useful untill muscles and strength grow.
The finish in appearance is different to the USPCC. But fans just as well, i dont really feel much of a difference in handeling, But i must say the cut on these cards are great, 100% smoother than the roughness you get from USPCC. The font is bolder and blockeier making numbers and letters easy to see.
Jokers and Ace spades, to me, are less appealing and lack detail like standard bikes however this doesnt change the quality of the cards. Ill definatly be using these for practice.


The sun is warming your arms while you sip black tea from your glass, and sand dancing at your feet while the smell of frankincense wafts past your nose.
These cards bring a very middle eastern vibe. Beautiful art works and delicate lines and perfect colours on the face and number cards to match. The face cards have interesting expressions where you just wish they could come to life and tell you the stories of their travels. I super duper love this deck! I love the look, i love the feel, i love the design.

The only draw back i have with these is the unprinted white on the inside of the tuck box. It was a bit of a let down considering how glamorous these cards are.

Good for people starting in the hobby

It's really good for beginners and the design is really nice. It is also pretty cheap

I enjoy them.

Man, dont underestimate how a cool looking deck can up your cardistry game! Nice feel too.

Perfect by being not perfect

These cards are a must have for begginer cardist or magician.. or whatever you're doing where you will wear out the deck quick.
Im just starting out in cardistry and im dropping cards all over the place and over bending etc... As it states these cards are the same standard 808 poker bicycle cards but they have little flaws, not in the finish and card stock but with printing. Hardly noticeable. The price is reasonable! Def reccomend.


Love the colors, look and feel great!

Best card for handling

Arrived exactly at the time I have expected. Best handling card with the unique back design makes it worth to try.

The best playing cards

The quality is extremely high and the cards are not expensive. Very easy to do fan.

1st V2
Beautiful cards

The quality is very good but can’t say it is the best. Quite easy to do fan. The cards are beautiful. The shipping is fast.

A title

Really nice cards, beautiful to handle and to play around with would definitely by again.

Shiping Fast, Recomended seller



USPCC quality with some French (-Canadian) flair

I purchased these largely because Anthony Chanut is behind them. I was starting to learn his Plumelle flourish and figured having some of his cards might just inspire me to put in a bit more effort (which, for Plumelle, I certainly needed to do). They are printed by the USPCC and handle as well you would expect from them. I like the jeans/denim motif but mostly I like that they are Anthony Chanut's production. I just find such associations appealing.

Helius Sun
Helius sun

Great condition, great cards