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CardCutz AU


CardCutz AU
A favourite deck - Red Avengers

A favourite deck. The cards are great, thinner and lighter than average, with great handling as expected from Theory11. The fancy embossing is no surprise, present on the tuck cases, although the card backs themselves don't have an embossed appearance, just great design and colour.

The card faces are interesting, making another great themed deck. This suggests ideas for magic tricks that are often lacking if bored by using simply 4 Aces and a Joker as the key cards. By using the red deck too, you are set for a Chicago Opener magic trick if you're into magic. If into Maths or Self-Working magic, the card character names could be handy. But the character graphics are great, standing out by themselves. Great for a collector. A must have for anyone interested in the Avengers themselves, or anyone mad on the art style.

Most important for me is the price vs longevity & durability.

One deck of these cards is more expensive than an el-cheapo bulk-buy deck that can die in minutes, hours, or days, but with fairly regular use I got 6 months from a deck of these. The card stock is nice: cards spread evenly, with no clumping, all that time. Despite being thinner than some cards (a pro if that's your preference), they are expertly made to avoid problems with durability. The graphics printing is top notch.

The price is great for what you get. The cards are probably too good for regular card game use, overkill if not purchased for the graphics content. For handling alone, they are almost the best cards I've handled. They remind me of some other Theory11 decks that also have great handling, longevity & durability, but have an edge on others from the same company. They also have a worry-bead handling effect, like other well-made decks.

CardCutz AU
Meaghan McEncroe
Marvel cards

Cards were a Christmas present and my daughter loved them. High quality and posted promptly. Thankyou guys!

CardCutz AU
Christopher Weaver
Great product and service

Great product and prompt service.

CardCutz AU
Sean Robertson
Excellent product and service

Would highly recommend, cards that I have bought in the past have been of highest quality. Prompt shipping. All around great experience

CardCutz AU
Craig Morgan
Excellent gifts

These playing cards make the ideal gifts. There’s a deck for everyone. Perfect, easy to purchase and delivery is seamless. Excellent all round !!

CardCutz AU
Ken Burrows
Speed of delivery

Fantastic cards, extremely well packed, very fast delivery, great service, would buy again

CardCutz AU
marcel stephens
Playing cards

I ordered from CardCutz, the customer service was perfection and great packaging !!! This store will be undoubtedly my go to in the future as they are KINGS OF CARDS. Hope they stock some Madison’s soon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

CardCutz AU
Leireaux DeMon
Smooth company.

Ordered couple times off these guys....nothing but smoothness. Ordered 5 premium packs and got 1 double. Which I needed 😄......packaging is tight and supersealed. .. we have a future together cardcuts and I....thanks guys

CardCutz AU
Emma Dunnage
Five stars all round

Easy to order, fast delivery, well packed, fabulous cards. Thank you!!

A place for collectors.

I'm a collector and I find myself visiting CardCutz on a weekly basis just looking for something new and interesting.
The number one thing I look for in a deck is interesting court cards. I want something there that I haven't seen before. If the court cards are unique, whether it's the colour palette or the artwork, I'm probably going to buy it.
Other things that come into it are the card back, I love marked decks and numbered decks.

I'd love to see a selection of different types of cards, perhaps tarot or hanafuda cards, not sure how well they'd go but again if they're interesting I'll probably be on board.

I really want to be able to see the court cards displayed on the website, more than anything else they will tip me one way or the other, but often the images used don't tell me enough.

CardCutz AU
Antoine B.
Great experience

I ordered from this website twice and it was a very smooth experience both times. The cards were dispatched the next day and arrived the day after that. Can't complain!

CardCutz AU
Scott Matthews
avenging cards!

great crisp smooth cards. Loved the designs with heroes and villains as royalty. examining the cards reveals hidden patterns and symbols. Great card set.

CardCutz AU
Awesome Australian site

Awesome aussie site for playing cards.
Quick postage aswell

CardCutz AU
Angus Tyson

Was great supporting an Australian retailer, huge fan of the free gift and free postage. Excellent service and short delivery time.
Only issue was the packaging, each deck was individually wrapped in bubble wrap. It was great to see such excellent care for the cards, but it seems a little excessive, personally I prefer how buyworthy used to post cards, in a nice box without individual wrapping.
Great in general!

CardCutz AU
Anthony Hayes
007 Bond Cards

I purchased four packs of these and as the bos the cards are in is amazing I was disappointed that the individual cards were not pictured with different bond Themes Cheers Tony

CardCutz AU
Purvaj Piyush Vaidya
Super Satisfied!!

I live in Germany and I ordered 5 gilded decks, all of them are CardCutz originals: Oblique gilded cards (Oblique seal and Gold seal), Worx gilded cards (Green seal and Black seal) and the Neoteric gilded cards. I am amazingly happy and satisfied with the packaging and the quality of the cards.
The original delivery time is 10-12 business days, but considering the pandemic, the lockdown, the limited number of flights to Germany plus Christmas and New year, despite of all of these constraints, I received the package in 3 weeks which is pretty awesome.
Thank you CardCutz.
I highly recommend it.

CardCutz AU
Ethan Newnham
Finally! A great Aussie retailer

it's taken me forever to finally find these guys hut they are the real deal. Great service, shouts to David for helping me with orders!

Amazing quality!!

i bought the ‘Les Méliès’ deck and a clear display case recently, i was blown away with the quality of both products. the cards handle really well and the display case looks very high end. very good for the price! i will definitely be back to purchase a lot more decks :)

That's great to hear Liam. Glad you're enjoying your purchase.


Super fast delivery time, really well packed to avoid damage and great range of cards to choose from. So happy I don't have to order from America anymore. Customer service is great and any problems I've had have been fixed up for me promptly. Couldn't recommend them enough! :)

Thanks for the positive review Zac! Glad you are enjoying shopping with us.

CardCutz AU
Best Place Ever

If you are considering buying from Card Cutz I would totally recommend it shipping is extremely fast and even through the virus it is still amazing quality of shipping speed. This is my first time buying from this place but most definitely will not be the last already thinking about buying some new OPC decks and Fontaine and throwing cards. Definitely buy from this place I would most definitely recommend it.

Hey Chris! Glad you enjoyed shopping with us! OPC decks and Fontaine's are great; I'm sure you'll love them.

We look forward to serving you again in the future.


CardCutz AU
Oblique & Orbit 6th Ed

These are my first decks other than Queens Slipper *Spew* and the start of my cardistry journey. I instantly saw a difference in how the cards handled and I was able to fan, spring and flick so much easier! I have great appreciation for the artwork and will never buy a 'normal' deck again!

Brilliant customer service and product

I have had a great experience with CardCutz. I would recommend choosing their tracked courier for purchases. Originally i had a small issue. However, after contacting them and explaining the problem I received an almost immediate response from David in their support team. He was extremely understanding and without hesitation he resolved my issue to the best of his ability. I look forward to purchasing again from CardCutz.

Simply the 'Best'

Wish I knew this site sooner.
Cards came in excellent quality and
service is superb!
Simply the Best.

CardCutz AU
Jacob finnigan
Black flora

Love the design and feel of the deck😍


When you spend A$150