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The best playing cards

The quality is extremely high and the cards are not expensive. Very easy to do fan.

1st V2
Beautiful cards

The quality is very good but can’t say it is the best. Quite easy to do fan. The cards are beautiful. The shipping is fast.

A title

Really nice cards, beautiful to handle and to play around with would definitely by again.

Shiping Fast, Recomended seller



USPCC quality with some French (-Canadian) flair

I purchased these largely because Anthony Chanut is behind them. I was starting to learn his Plumelle flourish and figured having some of his cards might just inspire me to put in a bit more effort (which, for Plumelle, I certainly needed to do). They are printed by the USPCC and handle as well you would expect from them. I like the jeans/denim motif but mostly I like that they are Anthony Chanut's production. I just find such associations appealing.

Helius sun

Great condition, great cards

Happy but sad

Great price, great decks for the most part, but a lot all the times I receive a lot of doubles and one of my recents were a quadruple of the same deck so I was a little disappointed, but overall great value for not knowing what you get!


excellent deck first rate service


Love those cards so much!! Shipping was super nice/quick with cool poker chips (nice idea)

First expensive card deck

I like the design of the cards. The 2 “f” symbols and the chocolate are so simple but yet so cool to look at. I also like how you got the “fontaine” trademark on the ace of spades. Thank you. Can you please send me links of any tutorials that I can learn any card tricks or magics. Also let me know of any games that I can play solo using these beautiful Fontaine chocolate cards. Thanks :)

Glad you're liking the deck! Regarding the tutorials, you can take a look at our sister company,, for over 3,000 magic and cardistry tutorials available for instant download!
Outa space!!

I love the orbits so much and these are just as good if not better, they feel so nice. I need the whole collection now!! Like always cardcutz a great help and great service!!


Worth every cent


Very good i love it


One of my favorite new designs and the cards handle great. Brickbox is sweet too. Hope to see more versions!

Really good and high quality playing cards

These cards are really nice and have a great effect because of the circle in the middle and the cards feel nice.


Like always excellent service from cardcutz, quick delivery, quick response nicely packaged and the cards speak for themselves NOCs can't go wrong really!! Awesome work guys!!!


Was waiting a while for these and so happy with the final result. Love this deck sooo much, getting more for my kids and missus now. Cardcutz are straight up the best!!!

Love them

Have gotten second playing cards before from here and have enjoyed them both times. Got some minor damaged tuck case virts in the mix even

Gemini Casino Emerald Green

Gorgeous: gemini casino cards are among my favourite decks. Love the vintage look and they're a great addition for any poker set.

Great Deck

This is my first deck of cards, so it's hard to be subjective, but they feel good and look even better.

New to cardistry, but I've already picked up basic moves like the one handed revolution and charlier.

I love the colours and design, the jokers seem a bit weird, but oh well.

Well worth it in my opinion. Will definitely buy again in the future.

Oozing Quality

From the Finish to the Cutting these cards are really high quality... the only low-point (for me) is the Tuck Box Seal, which has really strong glue and took me over 2 days to get off without damaging the box [came at it from different angles]. They seem to be thicker than a Rider Back Bicycle deck which makes them really good for aerials.

The little touches like the gold dots near the indices make the deck a little bit more awesome with each closer inspection.

The Best Cards I Have Bought

The quality of these cards can be seen from a mile off. The beautiful contrasting colours of the bold artwork against the night-black background really helps them catch the eye thus leading to amazing visual displays that can be pulled off with them.

I recommend buying a few decks to replace damaged cards.

They handle very nicely and feel a bit more firm than a standard USPCC Bicycle although they almost feel thinner at the same time.

Egg Deck
Very Fun

Loved this promotion!! Thought it was very fun, and had a good time playing!!

Excellent for Learning Cardistry

The Original Edition comes in a thin Plastic Card Stock with an Imitation Cushioned Finish, making them excellent for Long-Distance Spring and Fan Flourish Training. Their plastic nature also means that they bounce back to their original form without any "reverse bending" after putting them under pressure (eg: after a pressure fan)

They are very light, making it difficult for an Amateur like myself to predict where they are going to go with Aerial Tricks, but the fact that you can get some noise out of them if they are spinning fast enough encourages me to put more effort into getting extra spin out of each move. I feel like I have improved a heap since I got them... yesterday afternoon

For the 2nd Edition (thicker stock), each cutout is a little bit raised which means they will make more noise than their counterparts while spinning. This also means they like to clump together and are excellent for practicing packet cuts. These raised cutouts also means they do not fan very well and they have a habit of behaving oddly during springs - a packet might clump up and go flinging out the side for example.

They are noticibly heavier than a regular paper deck and you can certainly get some appreciable distance when throwing them.

I did notice with the Second Edition that some of the cutouts still had the plastic inside their holes and removing them was very difficult until I got home and was able to find my craft Scalpel.

For Cardistry: Original
For Throwing: Second Edition