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Introducing Bicycle Nautic Pink Playing Cards by US Playing Card Co, a bright, vibrant hot pink version of the white Nautic deck. The artwork is a modern version of the original Nautic No. 55 from 1919.

The screaming hot pink allows the striking Nautic face to emerge from the swirling leaves and butterflies adorning the back.

The perfectly mirrored 2 way back creates a seamless pattern that entrances and invites you into a mystical world.

Includes standard Bicycle deck faces, except the Ace of Spades with, has a large centre pip highlighting the central pattern of the backs.

A black and white AND colourised 808 Joker is included allowing for magical revelations. Plus, Bicycle

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Customer Reviews

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Visually striking but not for heavy use

These are typically solid Bicycle cards. They handle as you would expect and the pink backs are striking.

One problem for me is, like most Bicycle cards that don’t have white borders, the edges get tatty rather quickly. The pink gives way to white speckles and it “bleeds” over to the face of the cards, making for pink speckles on the edges of the faces.

This is not going to be an issue if you aren’t going to handle them much but if you use them for cardistry, for example, they wear rather quickly and look worn long before a standard Rider Back deck would.

I have a sealed deck in my collection and am happy to have it but there are better options for cards that you intend to use, unless you use a new deck every day or two.