Casual V2


Designed by Paul Robaia, Casual V2 Playing Cards, in comparison to the original, has been thoroughly refined. The back sports a clean, geometric pattern with a spectrum of true Pantone and spot colours: mint green, metallic gold, black, and white. The court cards have not only been recoloured to compliment the back design but also have been simplified. The ace of spades is sleek and minimal as well. The joker pays homage to a classic joker seen in decks from The Russell, Morgan & Co in the 1800's; however, it, like the courts, has been stripped of excessive detail to promote minimalism.

The tuck case has been beautifully handcrafted by Clove Street Press, a San Diego based, letterpress company; there is a sense of dimensionality with certain objects being embossed and others remaining flat. Paul Robaia also assembled each tuck by hand. He then folded, glued and placed the cards inside each tuck case. Finally, to create the final product, Paul wrapped each tuck case individually using a cello machine. 

Casual V2 Playing Cards
Casual V2 Playing Cards

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