Entry 01: Drops


One of the most exciting decks released in 2018; Entry 01: Drops. Created by Franco Pascali and Benji Taylor for their new company Entry, 'Drops’ sold out in 40 minutes on their website in June. Since then the deck has been extremely hard to find and has been reselling on Ebay upwards of $70.

The back design features a simple colour palette with layered and overlapping ink drops to create an illusion of depth. A fluid design is present throughout the deck with the implementation of an unconventional border design; adding to the overall abstract feel. The court cards have also been recoloured to match the theme of the deck and its colour palette.

Additionally, each tuck case is numbered ‘01’ which allows for easy identification when future Entry decks are released.

Secure yours while you can. Limited decks available.

Printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co.

Entry 01: Drops Playing Cards
Entry 01: Drops Playing Cards

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