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Customer Reviews

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Weird Box, Springy Cards

I'm still new to Cardistry and this deck was the first I got with a unique / custom tuck case; while I appreciate the design it's both wider and taller than all the other decks - so it can't be stored with them.

Also the lid doesn't open far enough to prevent me from having to double-hand them back in - the first time I dropped these cards was whilst I was putting them away.

The Cards themselves handle very well, they strike a good balance between light and rigid and I prefer them for practicing aerial moves and fans. They are a bit too flingy for me to properly do twirls or packet-cuts but as stated before: I'm new to Cardistry - your experience may differ to mine.

Regardless of the difficulty to store them I recommend you grab a deck for your collection - the tuck case has a eye-catching design that will get the attention of everyone that sees them... actually a lot of people have mistaken them for cigarettes and been blown away by the fact there are sexy cards inside :D

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