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When it comes to the word of speed, you may first think of the scenario in the movie The Fast and the Furious: a roaring sports car, flying dusts and stimulating contests, which is the most exciting mood in each boy's heart and the battlefield he wants to head for. This is what the inspiration of this deck comes from. Inspired by the super sports cars, this deck of cards allows you to feel the speed of the storm, the thumping shock, the fearless fanaticism and the pure joy of Cardistry! When you have Furious Playing Cards in your hands, you can feel fanaticism, speed and trembling. The design

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Weird Box, Springy Cards

I'm still new to Cardistry and this deck was the first I got with a unique / custom tuck case; while I appreciate the design it's both wider and taller than all the other decks - so it can't be stored with them.

Also the lid doesn't open far enough to prevent me from having to double-hand them back in - the first time I dropped these cards was whilst I was putting them away.

The Cards themselves handle very well, they strike a good balance between light and rigid and I prefer them for practicing aerial moves and fans. They are a bit too flingy for me to properly do twirls or packet-cuts but as stated before: I'm new to Cardistry - your experience may differ to mine.

Regardless of the difficulty to store them I recommend you grab a deck for your collection - the tuck case has a eye-catching design that will get the attention of everyone that sees them... actually a lot of people have mistaken them for cigarettes and been blown away by the fact there are sexy cards inside :D

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