When it comes to the word of speed, you may first think of the scenario in the movie The Fast and the Furious: a roaring sports car, flying dusts and stimulating contests, which is the most exciting mood in each boy's heart and the battlefield he wants to head for. This is what the inspiration of this deck comes from. Inspired by the super sports cars, this deck of cards allows you to feel the speed of the storm, the thumping shock, the fearless fanaticism and the pure joy of Cardistry! When you have Furious Playing Cards in your hands, you can feel fanaticism, speed and trembling. The design is very simple, but you can feel cool style from it. Whether opening, single-handed or two-handed cutting the cards, it brings a perfect visual effect. There are only three colours in the Furious Playing Cards : black, white, and red, which are also eternal and classic style in design that will never be outdated or fall into the routine. In this deck of cards, except for the classic image, the colour match shows those that are cool at the same time: the enthusiasm of red, the pureness of white and the coldness of black.

Limited edition. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

Produced by the BOCOPO Playing Card Company

Furious Playing Cards by Bocopo
Furious Playing Cards by Bocopo

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