Mystery Decks

Available during promotional events only.

After first releasing our signature mystery decks in last years holiday season we are excited to announce that we now have a limited amount back in stock!

From the limited edition Error and Superfly Stingray Playing Cards to the more recent Edition 2 Peelers, Abstract V1s and Virtuoso FW17 Playing Cards, there is something for everyone.

Disguised in our signature deck pouch, the deck maintains a mystery until you open it (that’s if you do of course… the decision is yours). Although distribution is random, the value of each deck is guaranteed to be worth at least $18.95 (and in most cases more)!

Limited time only!

CardCutz Mystery Decks

CardCutz Mystery Decks

CardCutz Mystery Decks

Decks you may receive include: Peelers V2, FW17, Superfly Stingray, Big Boy V2, Mondrian, Diva, Proj. Subtle, Headlong Into Eternity, Casual V2, Jazz Stripes, Cherry Casino, Palm, Tally Ho: 2018 Cardistry Con Edition & more!

Decks are pre-packed and distributed at random, therefore we won't be able to accomodate any special requests.

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