Red Knights


Knight (Chess Piece) 

The knight move is unusual among chess pieces. It moves to a square that is two squares away horizontally and one square vertically. The Knight is not bound by its surroundings; it can leap over opponents making it the most devastating and unpredictable piece on the chess board.

Once again, Chris Ramsay and Daniel Madison have teamed up to bring you the second entry in the Knights saga. Printed on a crushed stock, with a smooth finish and traditional cut, these cards handle as good as they look, faro effortlessly and astonish during flourishes. 

For magicians, gamblers and chess players alike, the matte red tuck case features a number of hidden surprises and card reveals for your performances. 

Printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co.

Red Knights Playing Cards
Red Knights Playing Cards
Red Knights Playing Cards

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